Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) refers to care that is required by people for an extended period of time because of medical, physical, and cognitive conditions caused by accident, illness or frailty. LTC involves receiving assistance or supervision to perform activities of daily living when these tasks can no longer be performed independently.

In Home Care

Features: • Homemaker Services • Personal Care • Nursing Services • RN •LPN • Health Care Aide •Personal Care Aide • Therapy Services • Speech • Respiratory • Physical

Community Day Care Services

Features • Part-Time Care in a Group Setting • Social Interaction and Security

Assisted Living  "Apartment-Like Conditions"

Features: • Personal Care Assistance • Non-Skilled Care Services

Institutional Care Facility (due to necessity)

Features: • Skilled Care • Intermediate Care • Custodial Care

End of Life Care for the Terminally Ill (6 months)

Features • Inpatient Facility Care • In-Home Care

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